If we want to be able to protect something we need to know everything about it!

EQUINE.WIKI is a site created solely to honour the noble steed, the equine, or more commonly called, the horse. It does this by providing a platform for horse owners to inform others about their animals, and along the way, making owning and playing with horses more enjoyable, and hopefully horse breeding more profitable.

At the moment, EQUINE.WIKI is primarily the home of the five million words, and thirty years, of research undertaken by Richard Ulbrich, widely acclaimed thoroughbred author and researcher.

Richard Ulbrich published his first book on the thoroughbred “See How They Ran” in 1981, his next, “The Great Stallion Book” in 1984, and in 1994 followed with “Richard Ulbrich’s Peerage of Racehorses”. This last book is probably the single most important source of information on the Thoroughbred ever written.

Did you know there are more than 10 million Stud Book horses in the world, with millions more undocumented? EQUINE.WIKI was created specifically for all these horses.

Equinopedia is the only place that you will find access to his works. Subscription is US$19 per annum.


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